Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

May 11, 2006

"The Polyamory Interviews: Tess and Otis"

The Stranger (Seattle)

In Seattle's alternative weekly newspaper The Stranger (issue of May 11–17, 2006), kink columnist Mistress Matisse presents another in what's becoming a series of polyfolk interviews:

OTIS: I keep hovering around the word "articulate." I have learned — I am learning — how to be more emotionally articulate. How to exercise my attraction to others, and how to create intimacy with someone without bringing in a pile of assumptions or agendas. . . .

TESS: When we began, I was certain that I knew exactly how to do poly — I was the girl who'd had multiple "open relationships," right? Ha! I knew nothing about how to do this with integrity and compassion. . . .

OTIS: . . .What has been the most valuable lesson is that the hard times end, and they make the good times sweeter. Not just because they are over, but because they make the world bigger.

Read the whole article.

The article got quite a flame war rolling at the Family Scholars Blog. (You might keep an eye on its Polygamy/Polyamory section and chip in a comment from time to time.)



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