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. . . by Alan M.

May 8, 2007

Montel Show redux: not so nice this time

In November 2005 the Montel Williams daytime-TV talk show did a surprisingly good job interviewing a panel of poly people, despite a lot of folks' misgivings beforehand.

But daytime TV is fickle. This afternoon (May 8, 2007) the Montel Williams Show aired a new segment featuring polyfolks — this time Loving More's Robyn Trask and family and friends. They discovered at the last minute, on arriving for the taping, that they were to be briefly displayed on a show titled "X-Rated Family Values" along with a porn star and other presumed cases of questionable parents. In short, they were ambushed.

There are lessons here in how to deal with the media — TV and daytime TV in particular — as Robyn describes in her account of the experience on the Loving More site.

Also, if you plan to be interviewed, read the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom's first-rate advice for appearing in the media.

I haven't found anywhere to view the show online.

A person who was on the previous Montel show has just watched today's episode and posted that the final edit actually didn't make Robyn and company look so bad after all, considering how it might have, and rated its treatment of polyamory as "middling."



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