Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

May 4, 2007

"She was just one of the people who shone."

The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland)

Remember the murder case of Angelika Kluk in Scotland last fall? After she was killed — by a church handyman who was convicted today (May 4, 2007) — it came out that she had been lovers with a respectable local married man, and in the weeks after the tragedy he and his wife went public to defend polyamory in theory and practice.

In the last few weeks the trial has riveted Scotland; see BBC coverage and much more. In the midst of this, the May 5th Glasgow Herald readdresses her lover's polyamorous partnership:

Angelika’s lover and his wife tried to include her in marriage

by Calum MacDonald and Lucy Adams

Amid all the bizarre allegations and innuendo about Angelika Kluk, one fact is undisputed: she had a married lover.

Martin Macaskill, 40, met Angelika when he was driving for a wealthy Russian family for whom she was working as a nanny.... Mrs Macaskill revealed that she and her husband believe in polyamory, a system that condones open relationships and loving many people at the same time. The love may be sexual, emotional or spiritual.

The phenomenon developed in the US but has since become increasingly popular in the UK.

The couple, who had been married for 12 years, had been trying to find a way of including Angelika in their lives when she was killed....

...Mrs Macaskill wrote her own tribute to her husband's young girlfriend: "My life has been touched by an angel. I dearly wish God hadn't called you back."

Last night Mr Macaskill spoke of his love for Ms Kluk. In an interview with BBC Scotland, he said: "Her enthusiasm for life and absolute passion for everything, passion for learning, enthusiasm for everything she came across was infectious, it was wonderful to see.

"She was just one of the people who shone."

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