Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

September 5, 2009

Radio interview with Gary Taylor (updated)

Radio New Zealand

On September 5th, Radio New Zealand broadcast a 32-minute interview with Gary Taylor, a Florida State English professor and world-renowned expert on Shakespeare and Middleton, who has chosen to come out as poly. He discusses his triad, their literal coming-out party to colleagues and friends, and his otherwise conservative sexual history. He's articulate and persuasive in describing what we're all about. A fine new voice for us, I say. You can listen here.

He writes:

I've now listened to the interview, and so have both my partners. I wish I'd mentioned "insecurity" as a big part of what people usually call "jealousy". There are many more things I would have liked to say, but it's hard to compress 15 years of experience into 30 minutes of air time!

As I explain in the interview, our decision to come out as poly two years ago was explicitly political, but this is my first attempt at poly activism.

His bio on the radio site:

Dr Gary Taylor is a polyamorist. He is George Matthew Edgar Professor of English and directs the History of Text Technologies programme at Florida State University. He is the General Editor of the Oxford editions of Shakespeare's Complete Works (1986, 2005) and of the Collected Works of "our other Shakespeare", Thomas Middleton (2008), and has written many books, including Reinventing Shakespeare (1989) and Castration: an Abbreviated History of Western Manhood (2000).


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