Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

February 29, 2012

Poly at the Good Men Project

A collection of 10 poly and related articles (so far) has gone up on the widely noted online men's magazine The Good Men Project ("a glimpse of what enlightened masculinity might look like in the 21st century").

Most were published in just the last few days, following a call for submissions that got (ahem) forwarded to the Polyamory Leadership Network. You can still get in on this.

There's some good material here to save and pass on. You may recognize some of the names:

Polyamory: Rebooting Our Definitions of Love and Family. Angi Becker Stevens doesn’t need you to understand her family to accept it as equal.

What if We Approached Monogamy the Way We Approach Polyamory? Franklin Veaux describes common approaches to polyamory in monogamous terms.

Polyamory Is Pro-Family. Raising children is easier with four adults, according to Micah Schneider, making a pro-family argument for polyamory as a lifestyle.

Polyamory, Fidelity and Faithfulness. Jimmy Holloway can tell you from experience that faithfulness and exclusivity are not necessarily the same thing.

Is Being “Half a Partner” to Somebody Enough? Mark D. White wonders if anybody is hurt in an open emotional affair.

The Poly Closet. Christopher wonders, “Is it harder to accept honesty than infidelity?”

Bi Polyamory: Calling a Spade and Spade. Rob Grimes thinks honesty in relationships is the best policy.

Monogamy Isn’t For Everyone; Polyamory Isn’t Going to Ruin the World. Jasmine Peterson is angry that it took her 27 years to learn about polyamory.

The Myth: Men Are Horny, Women Are Not. Noah Brand breaks down the nature and origins of cultural assumptions about male vs. female libidos.

Non-monogamy. Jeremy M. believes you don’t need to let society’s rules get in the way of the kind of relationship that you are interested in having.



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