Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

February 26, 2013

Laci Green with a new millennial poly video

Discovery News

Remember Laci Green? She's the chattery young ex-Mormon pro-science peer sex educator who hosts the hugely popular Sex+ YouTube series. Which includes a letter-perfect introduction to polyamory (4:33).

She put that up 15 months ago. Now she's 23, she's graduated from Berkeley, and has dived into a swirl of education and advocacy projects: "I consider myself strong-minded and ambitious and I will stop at nothing –NOTHING!– to make waves in our social landscape." She recently got a gig hosting and writing videos at D News, the Discovery Channel's hip science-news website aimed at millennials.

There she's put up a new polyamory video, apparently prompted by the recent paper by Terri Conley et al. in Personality and Social Psychology Review that I wrote about last month.

Can you handle a second or third girlfriend or boyfriend? Turns out more and more people can, and we don't mean "on the side." Polyamory is quickly becoming this generation's sexual revolution. Laci explores what it's all about and how it works. (2:25)

If we had a bunch more spokespeople like her, our job would be done.

A snippet:

The cornerstones that keep this together are honesty, openness, and communication. They're talking a lot. They're negotiating, they're putting how they feel openly on the table for discussion, and for reflection.

Researchers at the University of Michigan looking into polyamory found that polyamorists are far more communicative and enthusiastic about emotional honesty than their monogamous counterparts. And they suggest that there's something for the other 95% to learn here.

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