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October 7, 2013

More Than Two project hits goal, and other poly crowdfunding news

Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert's Indiegogo campaign for their More Than Two book project (see my previous post) just closed out with $22,757, well past its $19,800 goal, thanks to 455 donors. In addition to the $6,000 in matching grants that Ken Haslam and I put up.

This puts plenty of wind in their sails not just to take leave of their day jobs to finish, design and professionally publish what looks to be a massive and insightful poly guidebook, but to get their Thorntree Press book-publishing business fully operational, and to fund a publicity tour promoting the book once it's out. See their blog. Expect books in mid-2014. Congratulations!


This isn't the only poly crowdfunding project. Here are other current or recent ones I know about:

• Filming continues in Madison, Wisconsin, for Ben Fritz's Ethical Slut web-TV series (authorized by the book's authors, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy). It met its Kickstarter goal of $30,000 last May (see my post then). The Season 1 trailer is now up . Writes Fritz, "Season 1 is almost done and we hope to have it live in the next few months." Filming of Season 2 has already begun. Facebook page.

• Aggie Sez of Solopoly.net is looking not for money but for more survey participants to fill gaps in the 800 she has collected for her forthcoming book Off the Escalator: Great relationships that don’t follow society’s rules. Read more here. She has just started a website for the book.

• Sarah Corner, an early-childhood educator in Melbourne, Australia, has surpassed her goal of A$6,000 for Stories for Unique Families. "My own family is a little non-traditional," she writes, "and standing amongst all the shelves of books about stereotypical family models, I found myself wondering: Where is the book that Eliska can read about a family like hers?" The loan to hire the illustrator can now be paid back, and the initial print run is due out soon. Facebook page. Article in the local LGBT press: Successful crowdfunding campaign for polyamorous children’s book.

• In France, Lutine: le Film, by Isabelle Broué, will be "somewhere between documentary and fiction." That link is in English. Among the French, lutin/lutine ("elf") has become a term of choice for polyfolks. Here's the creator's Facebook page. More on her and the film (in French). Art for it:

• So, who did I miss?




Anonymous Aggie Sez said...

Thanks, Alan, for mentioning my book project. Since I put out that call to fill in gaps, I received many more surveys. So far, I've received over 1000 total. I'm still accepting surveys, but giving priority for the first edition of my book to surveys from people representing the gaps I mentioned. Additional responses will be considered for future editions.

October 07, 2013 4:39 PM  
Blogger Faith Van Horne said...

There's also the Fifty Ways to be a Lover project. While it covers polyamory, other relationship styles are included as well. (Removed last comment because I screwed up the link.)

October 07, 2013 4:52 PM  
Blogger Alice Teague said...

Despite being French, I had no clue that polyamory could also be called lutinage. Weird that I should learn it here of all places.

October 08, 2013 2:16 AM  
Blogger Dear Polly Amorie said...

There's also my Love Alternatively Expressed road trip project. My book comes out in November and I'm looking for help to get the book tour on the road including Playground Conference and Beyond the Love Conference. Here's the link http://tinyurl.com/kzswshl Thanks, Alan, for all you do for the global poly community.

October 15, 2013 12:03 AM  

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