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March 31, 2014

Poly article from Germany goes global

For the last couple years I've hardly mentioned polyamory in the news in non-English-speaking countries. There's too much easier stuff to keep up with! But coming onto the radar last month was an article from Germany (in English) that Agence France-Presse (AFP) distributed around the world.  It was published in the US on Yahoo News (it's now down), and in the English editions of media in France, Japan, Philippines, South Africa (twice), China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Kenya, North Africa, Singapore, Peru (in Spanish), Quebec (in French), at the worldwide site Reporters 365, and probably more.

In Germany, polyamory strives to 'come out'

By Frederic Happe

Berlin (AFP) - Misunderstood, dismissed and often hidden, polyamory, or having several romantic relationships simultaneously, is slowly coming out into the open in Germany aided by the efforts of a counselor and support network.

At the age of 19, Christopher Gottwald decided he didn't want a monogamous relationship and spent the next decade searching for a partner who shared his outlook. He eventually found her and their "open" relationship has lasted 13 years.

With this experience behind him, three years ago he set up his own polyamory advice and information service, offering practical and emotional help to aficionados as well as seeking to dispel myths or misunderstandings.

"I no longer believe in monogamy. For anyone," Gottwald, now in his 40s, told AFP.

"I don't believe we are made to be (faithful). The best thing is to say to yourself 'let's, us two, live together while remaining open to what may happen'," he said.

Gottwald organises conferences, workshops and individual chats on polyamory and helps run the PolyAmore Netzwerk association which has 120 members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

He insists on the emotional aspect of the practice in which a relationship is conducted with more than one person but with the consent of all. "It is about love. It's not just free sex where you can sleep with whomever you want," he argued....

Gottwald argues it is also simply the natural next step on from serial monogamy....

Read the whole article (Feb. 12, 2014).


Christopher Gottwald
Gottwald has done a number of media appearances as well as his talks and workshops. I don't know how well he is connected to Germany's larger poly community, which a few years ago was estimated at 10,000 people. Here's his partial collection of press clips.

His website.

He was featured in a different German article around the same date: Liebe ohne Grenzen: Wie polyamore Beziehungen gelingen können (Love Without Limits: How to succeed in polyamorous relationships) (Lampertheimer Zeitung, Feb. 16, 2014).

Here are my past posts regarding Germany (including this one; scroll down).


In other news, the fourth Atlanta Poly Weekend happens in just two months, June 6 - 8! The registration price goes up a bit tomorrow (April 1). It's held in a nice hotel on Atlanta's northern perimeter. Last year's APW had more than 200 people all told. Here's my writeup of APW 2012, and more from me from APW 2013.


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Anonymous Raul cruz said...

Thank you so much for this info,I and my two partners are new to the poly world and can use all the help we can get,we love the life and are aware of the changes and challenges that may awaite use ,thank You again

July 14, 2015 2:58 PM  

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