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August 4, 2014

Meet Kimchi Cuddles in person!

Tivka Wolf, Kimchi Cuddles cartoonist, will be among the presenters at Endless Poly Summer.
Tikva Wolf
Damn, I wish I could be there. Kimchi Cuddles, or rather her real-life cartoonist and model Tikva Wolf, will be among the presenters running workshops at Endless Poly Summer later this month. And so will her husband Brian, real-life-Vajra.

Endless Poly Summer is being put on by poly and New Culture activists Michael Rios, Sarah Taub, and lovers and friends. The intent is "building tribe"; that's supposed to be the "endless" part. It's Wednesday through Sunday August 20–24 (though you can come for just the weekend), at the Center for a New Culture's private location, dear to my heart, in the West Virginia woods about 2 1/2 hours west of Washington DC. Campground, lodge, geodesic-dome meeting space, cafeteria-kitchen, shower house; camp-owned motel 3 miles away. Carpools will be organized. Limited scholarships available; work-trade opportunities available before the event.

I'm helping promote this not only because Michael, Sarah, Jonica, Debby and others putting it on are my friends, but because I believe deeply in the calling they have found and the effectiveness of what they do.


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