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December 3, 2016

"Compersion" webseries fundraises for a second season

Jackie Stone
If you haven't seen the webseries Compersion, produced by director Jackie Stone and her outfit Enchant TV, you've been missing something. It's a family drama about a couple exploring polyamory. Season 1 has finished successfully, with 13 episodes of about 10 minutes each, and they're fundraising for a Season 2.

Longtime California polyactivist Pepper Mint posts this on the Polyamory Leadership Network:

Compersion is a black-and-poly webseries that recently finished up its first season. You can watch it here.

It's actually my favorite poly web series so far. There are certainly painful moments in it, but they are painful to me specifically because they so accurately reflect the transition into polyamory. And the acting is great, and the cinematography is good. It's a winner and great exposure for us.

I'm writing because they're holding a fundraiser for the second season, and it's a real one. No funds means no second season.

We've seen a number of web series go down due to lack of funding: Family and The Ethical Slut come to mind. I'd prefer not to have that happen again.

While this series hasn't seen a lot of exposure in the mainstream poly community, it's all over the black-and-poly communities. I'm in contact with the producer, Jackie Stone, and she also has a close relationship with Ron Young, as you can see in the videos. She's getting input from poly folks and looking to do a really positive piece for the community.

I've just contributed. If y'all can either give money or spread this around, you're helping with a poly media win, and really helping out black and poly people. Please and thank you.

Pepper's endorsement works for me. I've chipped in.

Episode 1 of Season 1: Just watch it.

● ShadowandAct.com interviewed Stone: A Provocative New Digital Series About Polyamory from Enchant TV (Oct. 26, 2016).

...Realistic in its depictions of an adult relationship at a crossroads, “Compersion” is a compelling, deliberately-paced psychodrama – moody, but certainly not without wit. It’s a satisfying achievement for the filmmaker, made for an audience that appreciates, is challenged by, or is curious about its provocative, if bold subject matter, which is emblematic of the kind of storytelling that Stone plans to bring to Enchant TV.

Stone, whose past scripts have garnered attention and awards, including Jerome Foundation and IFP Project Involve Fellow honors, says her vision for Enchant TV is to make it a home for dynamic and creative programming that highlights the complexities, as well as the rich and diverse stories of people of color, particularly women.

“As an artist, one of my objectives in television and film is to develop spaces and an aesthetic that will serve as ‘homeplace’ for women of the African Diaspora,” Stone says....

● Stone is a guest on the podcast Directing Magic (Sept. 18, 2016).

● And on the Polychat podcast (Episode 35, Nov. 22, 2016).


Update: And another black poly webseries, 195 Lewis, will make its debut on December 14th:

195 LEWIS is a dramedy series about a group of women navigating the realities of being Black, queer, and poly in New York City.

Based in Brooklyn, the series follows Yuri and Camille as they test the boundaries of their open relationship. Yuri’s growing infatuation with a new lover leaves Camille distressed, which is only amplified by the unexpected arrival of Yuri’s old college friend Kris, who shows up with nowhere else to stay.

● An article about it on KitschMix: Watch ‘195 Lewis’, A Queer Polyamorous Web Series: "Love triangles are easy. Try a love octagon."

● And on OkayAfrica.com: ‘195 Lewis’ is a New Series About Being Black, Queer and Polyamorous in Brooklyn (Dec. 14, 2016).

● And at Bella Books, A queer couple navigates love and polyamory in “195 Lewis” (Dec. 26, 2016).


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Blogger Natalie :) said...

I LOVE Compersion!! I miss everyone!! I only watched it today and I NEED MORE!!! I am a married bi poly woman. My husband is the true version of compersion. He just wants me happy no matter the situation. Thank you for coming out with this web series and I will donate to help get it rolling!!!

December 08, 2016 11:17 PM  

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