Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

December 12, 2005

Bay Area Called a Hotbed of 2,000 Polys

A triad in Hayward, California, has sparked some beautiful local press. Several newspapers in the region, including the daily Oakland Tribune, have run one or more of three stories written by reporter Michelle Beaver.

One story profiles the group itself and its members:

The triad is part of a flourishing East Bay community of polyamorous community members.... Atkins and McKee have been legally married for 18 years, and have been with Lon for 12 years. Each says they are married to each other. Additionally, Atkins and Sarver each have a girlfriend outside the triad.

They claim to love each other equally, but in different ways. Sarver has the most in common with each spouse and helps unite his partners, Atkins said.

The trio shares one bank account. Sarver does most of the cooking and grocery shopping, and helps Atkins make the trios social plans. McKee fixes things around the house and handles anything computer-related. Atkins sends out the bills, and they each act as parents....

"I have a wonderful intertwined community of interesting people adding something different to the stew," Sarver said. "It is far more interesting than I ever thought life could be."

What a wonderful statement! Read the whole article:
Two Husbands, Wife Make Love Stew; Each member of polyamorous trio offers own special ingredient.

Another story picks up on the fact that one member's mother lives with them and thinks it's no big deal. Sounds like the mother-in-law from heaven:
Hayward Mom Bored by Daughter's Alternative Lifestyle; Parent jokingly says her child needs 10 husbands, not only 2.

And the third looks at the region's larger poly picture:
East Bay — Big Polyamorous Region; Some 2,000 people enjoy spreading the love in laid-back Bay Area. That number, by the way, is an "educated guess" from Loving More's Robyn Trask.