Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

May 1, 2006

"Polyamory: A Twist On Polygamy"

KUTV News, Salt Lake City

A TV station in the capital of Mormon country does a very nice story (April 30, 2006) explaining polyamory and its difference from traditional polygamy:

There is another twist on plural marriage -– one that some people say is gaining popularity.

It's called polyamory -– the practice of loving and living with more than one partner. The form Utahns are most familiar with is called polygyny -– one man with two or more female partners. But there is another less common form called polyandry -– one woman with two or more male partners. . . .

Polyamory is a growing trend across the country. There is even a polyamorous society here in Utah. . . .

"I think a three-person household is more stable than a two-person household because you are able to spread the work and the stress out. The house tends to flow and work better,” says Cat. . . . Polyamory is more heart based than it is sexually based. It's more about love. It's more about long-term relationships.”

"If a traditional marriage is a lot of work, polyamory is about 10 times as much work,” says George. . . . It's not always easy and it's not always pleasant. You have to be very open and honest and really communicate your feelings, which could leave you vulnerable.”

You can read the transcript, or watch the TV report!

By the way, Tapestry Against Polygamy, Utah's group against abusive fundamentalist Mormon polygamy, is quoted in the story and comes across as hostile or at least skeptical toward polyamory. This is understandable considering where they're coming from; we should reach out to these people.

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