Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

February 16, 2007

CNN Special Report on Polyamory

As part of a pre-Valentine's Day special, CNN aired a short but stunningly on-target report on polyamory (Feb. 11, 2007). In only three minutes, they got it just right.

Actually, as soon as I saw the people being featured — Darrell and Nancy from Tampa — I knew it would be a hit. These wonderful people, married 38 years, ran a presentation at last summer's Loving More East conference, and they just glowed. They totally get it.

The CNN report on them and their loving partners had special power coming just before another, very different Valentine's report about a couple nearly torn apart by a screaming, lying affair.

Twelve years into their marriage they began to explore, as Nancy puts it, "the path less traveled."... Over the next 20 years the two began to meet, fall in love with, and have sex with other people, never letting go of their primary commitment to each other. They developed long-term committed relationships with six other couples. They call them their extended family.

Nancy: "They're people that, if I'm feeling sadness or pain, I can share with them, they'll listen, and if they can help in some way they will. I don't just have one or two. I have maybe a dozen. And that's — pretty remarkable."

Watch the video (may require Internet Explorer). This is one to bookmark to send to friends and relatives who need help in grasping the possibility.

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