Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

February 14, 2007

"The Soccer Moms of Sexuality"

New York Sun
The small daily New York Sun has a cute Valentine's Day story on polyamory (Feb. 14, 2007):

Rose Fox plans to spend this most romantic of evenings with the woman she calls her "girlfriend-in-law" — that is, her husband's girlfriend. Why not? They're friends, they love Wednesday night choir practice, and, of course, they both love Ms. Fox's husband, Josh.

Josh will be home alone in Inwood, catching up (ahem) on his sleep. If his wife's long-distance lover calls, however, he can always talk to her until his wife — or girlfriend, or both — comes home.

And that's the beauty of polyamory. It's so simple!

... But consider the lesson Ms. Fox learned one polyamorous Valentine's Day a few years back.

"It was me and Josh and his then-still-wife and her boyfriend and his involvements and it went out from there — about eight or nine people," Ms. Rose said. "We all went to the wine country for the weekend and the problem was: One person wasn't feeling well. If you're not well on Valentine's Day, you probably really want your partner's attention."

The weekend fell apart as one lover couldn't pay enough attention to the next lover, to the next, to the next, to the next. "It was a disaster," Ms. Fox said. But she did learn one thing: "Attention is the currency of relationships."

Read the whole article. To send a letter to the editor, write to editor@nysun.com .

The story was reprinted in the Tallahassee (FL) Democrat on February 26th.



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