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August 16, 2007

Katherine Linton on lesbian poly


AfterEllen.com ("news, reviews and commentary on lesbian and bisexual women in entertainment and the media") has an interview with filmmaker Katherine Linton that includes an interesting observation on poly, or the lack of it, in the lesbian community:

AE: ...in the '90s in San Francisco there was this big explosion in terms of being very open and adventurous about lesbian sexuality.... Do you feel like that kind of openness to polyamory, all of the BDSM stuff — do you think that that has expanded to more mainstream lesbian sexuality?

KL: ...Polyamory, I think, is much bigger in the straight community. It was actually a very small portion that I could find that was lesbian. Like there's no lesbian-only polyamory conferences, I don't think. That would be a really dramatic conference, could you imagine?

AE: Yeah, I would stay away from it!

KL: Yeah — talk about dyke drama. Whoa. The thing with polyamory is [that] I have to go into it saying, "This works for them" and "I take you at your word," because of course, it's your life. But Meredith and I watched it, and she goes, "Hell no! If my girlfriend comes home and she wants this, hell no!" And was like, "I'm with you, sister." It's bad enough with one woman.

Read the whole interview.

For different opinions, of course, see the books Lesbian Polyfidelity by Celeste West (Booklegger Press, 1995) and The Lesbian Polyamory Reader by Marcia Munson (Haworth Press, 1999).

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