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August 3, 2007

Poly Pride in Sweden

DM (Swedish TV)

It's Pride Week in Sweden, Thursday (August 2, 2007) was Poly Day, 45 people showed up for a conference in Stockholm, and Swedish TV ended up doing a report on polyamory and its advocates. Here's the TV site (may require Internet Explorer, and you may have to click through a popup-blocker notice). Search for the item named Älska mera, which means "love more". It's dated 2 augusti 2007.

Can't understand a word of it, but it sure looks nice.

Thanks to Jenny on the Polyfamilies list for the tip. She writes: "The first scene is my boyfriend's girlfriend kissing her girlfriend and then my boyfriend, and it goes on to cover the talk she gave, including a nice bit where she's drawing the triad of me, hubby and our gf, then our gf's other bf and his other gf. (It sounds more complicated than it looks — watch the video!) Dancing on the ceiling....

"We (me, my boyfriend, and his other girlfriend) like to refer to ourselves as a 'poly postcard'. I (and the other two in my triad) are as active in the Australian poly community as my bf and his gf are in the Swedish one. The diagram Charlie was drawing, in full, looks like this : Å-C-K-J-C-A (JCA drawn as a triad)-P-M. Eight connected adults, two are bio parents to three kids who consider four of the adults to be parents."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The segment is dated August 2nd, and the list is organized by date. So just scroll down until you hit "Torsdag 2 Augusti" on the right side of the list (in English, that's Thursday, August 2nd), and there you will see the Älska mera video (title on the left side of the list).

August 25, 2007 3:01 PM  

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