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September 11, 2007

Poly in South Africa

The Sunday Times (Johannesburg)

I just got alerted (via health-worker friends recently returned from southern Africa) to this item that appeared in a major South African newspaper three months ago (June 18, 2007):

Cliches barred and convention challenged

Rebecca Pointer’s four-year-old daughter raised some eyebrows when she recently drew her family tree at playschool.

Pointer and her husband are polyamorous — and have for the past two years shared their home in the Cape seaside suburb of Muizenberg with another man, the father of Pointer’s eight-month-old son.

Pointer, 37, who was raised in Krugersdorp and studied journalism at Rhodes University, is not averse to challenging convention.

In fact, this is what she set out to do with Bitchpress, a small publishing house she co-founded with Pierre Norton, and which was launched at the Cape Town Book Fair yesterday....

Read the whole article (short).

South Africa, in some ways a very liberal place post-apartheid, has an organized poly scene. Here are some other positive local articles listed on the South African Polyamory site:

  • Forget monogamy -- we're polyamorous, 13 November 2005, Mail & Guardian

  • How To Share a Lover, 10 May 2005, Health 24

  • Bringing a new meaning to sharing, 12 April 2005, The Star

  • Sex talk: Speaking of Open Relationships, 2005, Gmax.co.za

  • Many loves better than one, 21 May 2003, Mail & Guardian

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