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September 15, 2007

Songs of Polyamory

Any number of pop songs have poly overtones (big list, scroll down). But here are some that address our lives consciously and face-on.

1. Folk guitarist and singer-songwriter Penelope Swales has just released a CD of songs of polyamory: Skin:Deep — Polymorphous Love Songs (2007). Based in Australia, she occasionally tours the U.S. She sounds impressively good. This is from a letter she posted to the Chesapeake Polyamory Network:

Myself and one of my partners are going to be traveling through the US in September-October [2007]. We would love to catch up with any [polyamory] groups that we might be passing.

I recently released an album of poly love songs which has gone well. I've traveled around to several poly meets here in Australia and given small informal concerts, either at meetups or at "potlucks" in people's homes. We would love the opportunity to do the same over there....

penelope (at) penelopeswales (dot) com

(you can hear some of her songs here)

From a promo blurb:

"Her latest album Skin:Deep — Polymorphous Love Songs (2007) explores the uncharted territory of human relationships that most mark with the words, 'here be dragons'. Skin:Deep distills the sexual and romantic experiences of twenty years of unconventional loving into 14 songs that range from affectionately playful to darkly erotic."

2. Gaia Consort is the first poly-music group that pops to many people's minds. Their devotional "Three" [lyrics] [mp3] [streaming audio] became the informal theme song of the last two Loving More East retreats. It's still running through my ears. Their "Family" [lyrics] [mp3] was used in the soundtrack of the poly documentary "When Two Won't Do". They've also done "Move to the Country" [lyrics] [mp3] and others.

Gaia Consort is probably best known for their songs to the neopagan community, but their newest album, Vitus Dance, includes the awesome poly tune "Goodnight" [lyrics] [mp3] and the pointedly satirical "Perils of Poly" [lyrics] [mp3] ("Oh, if we all dream together/ Can we nightmare too?").

Gaia Consort has played at various poly venues, including PolyCamp Northwest.

Update March 2009: Christopher Bingham's song "Family" is now also the theme song of "Family" the web TV show. He's offering free downloads of his re-recorded version on his new Bone Poets Orchestra site.

Update November 2010: Renamed Bone Poets Orchestra, the group has just released its new album Belladonna Smiles, including Bingham singing the thoroughly poly song "Yes!"; lyrics (scroll down); listen. They played the Poly Living conference in Seattle in November 2010, and I finally got to hear them live.

3. Don't miss "My Boyfriend's Girlfriend (Isn't Me)" [mp3] by Must be Tuesday (Nancy Price). Another sweet funny one. YouTube video version.

4. The granddaddy of the genre is "Triad" [lyrics] [song on YouTube]. It was written by David Crosby when he was in the Byrds but was first released by the Jefferson Airplane on their Crown of Creation album (1968), Grace Slick singing. I first heard it that year in the hallway of my freshman dorm — and it stopped me dead in my tracks.

As far as I know, this song started the word "triad" being used for a family of three lovers. (Otherwise it might be called a "triple," by extension of "couple"). Unless someone knows an earlier use of the word this way? Please write me if you do.

Update March 2008: I just discovered David Rovics, progressive activist and poly folksinger from Portland, Oregon, and his "Polyamory Song" (2001). The song is now the background music for a sweet educational video "Boyfriend(s)", from Robert Anthony Hubbell and Think Films (2007). Thanks to Minx at the Polyamory Weekly podcast for the tip. Update April 2010: More about Rovics.

Update February 2009: "Three Days" by Jane's Addiction: (lyrics; YouTube video of live concert.)

Update April 2011: On a less sentimental note: "Poly" by Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. (Video NSFW.)

Update June 2012: "Unconditional" by RockSolomon. (Click "Show more" for lyrics.)

Update February 2013: "Amu Rin", a polyamorous love song in Esperanto from France (translation and link).

Update July 2013: It's actually about geometry, but James Blunt's haunting Sesame Street performance of My Triangle might also be for all the triads and threesomes out there. It's based on his hit song "You're Beautiful" and aired August 31, 2007.

Update August 2013: Can't Help But Fly (The Poly Song), musical, uplifting female rap by Naima Infinity and Be Steady.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Broken Free by Strange Particle:
This was on tribe.net.

September 16, 2007 8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Type O Negative: "My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend"

Its no secret were close
As sweaty velcro
Like latex, fur and feathers
Stuck together

In their 62 'Vette
Sharing one cigarette
In a black light trance then
Go go dance
Go go trance

They keep me warm on cold nights
We must be quite a sight
In our meat triangle
All tangled

My girlfriend's girlfriend
She looks like you
My girlfriend's girlfriend
She's my girl too.

Her and me an her and she and me
An uncrowded couple are we three.
Hey we don't care what people say
When walking hand in hand down Kings Highway
Two for one today.

My girlfriend's girlfriend
She looks like you
My girlfriend's girlfriend
She's my girl.

September 16, 2007 9:39 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I got in some trouble for teaching that song (with lyric sheet) to a confirmation class back around 1972, before I was actually poly. Next week had a conversation with the principal.
"Were you saying that 3 is better than 2?"
"No, only that we shouldn't make assumptions."

September 18, 2007 1:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm keeping track of poly songs at http://www.theinnbetween.net/polymusic.html and movies at http://www.theinnbetween.net/polymovies.html

January 31, 2011 10:52 PM  

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