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February 8, 2008

"Poliamor, otra forma de amar"

Informativos Telecinco 5 (Spain)

"Our triad and another couple did a TV interview in Spain this week," writes the enthusiastic Juliette Siegfried (a.k.a. Ktylove). "Here's a translation of the accompanying article."

Is it conceivable to love various people at a time and be able to sincerely tell your partner? That's what polyamorous people do. They have emotional and sexual relationships with more than one person, and don't hide it. They maintain that the difference between their relationship and those of the rest of the world is that in their relationships there are no deceptions, lies, or betrayals.

Polyamory arose as a concept in California in the 60's. In Anglosaxon countries it's much more common than in our country, where for religious and cultural reasons, it is not as socially accepted.

However we've found various couples in Spain that have no problem introducing themselves as polyamorous: they have nothing, they say, to hide. They simply have another way of relating, more open, they explain, more honest, and as respectable as any.

Roland is British and 40 years old, and he has lived for 10 years with his wife Juliette, an American of the same age who is his "primary partner." He also goes out with Laurel, also American, and 8 years younger. She is his "secondary partner". Juliette and Laurel are free to have relationships with other men, and in fact, they both have.

Between Laurel and Juliette there is friendship and respect. They make decisions together, and, as surprising as it seems, both assure us that they do not feel jealous. Jealousy, they say, is a product of fear.

Polyamory puts no limits on the number of partners nor in their sexual orientation. In fact, the other couple we introduce here are two bisexuals: Kimberly and Sergio. In their case, it is she that has various loves, although in the case of one of them he might like Sergio too, and they are open to sharing.

Polyamory is not partner-swapping, nor is it casual sex, which doesn't interest them. It has to do with finding compatibilities with various people and maintaining them, allowing for feelings and not putting up barriers. All with the full knowledge and approval of all the members of the relationship.

The only conditions of polyamory are defined by the group: honesty, sincerity, love, passion, and solidarity. It is another way of loving.

Read the article in Spanish and watch the video.

And if your Spanish is good, add to the article comments.

What wonderful people they all look and sound like. Words are one thing, but for impressing skeptics, there's nothing like seeing for believing.

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Blogger Amy Stapleford said...

It is so exciting to hear the work other awesome poly folks are doing around the world.

I am a long-time reader, by the way. I greatly appreciate your blog!

February 08, 2008 5:46 PM  
Blogger Laurel said...

For some reason they got my age wrong. I'm not 8 years younger than Roland, but 2 years older! Roland set them straight about my age in the follow-up interview (which was even more in-depth and informative), but it's sometimes hard to convince people that poly is not about wanting to find some new hot young thing because you are bored with your current relationship.

February 14, 2008 7:24 AM  

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