Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

January 24, 2009

Danish poly

Jydske Vestkysten (Denmark)

Year after year, surveys of happiness worldwide find Danes to be the happiest people on Earth. (For instance.) With that as background, a newspaper in Denmark has published a report on polyamory. It's not online, but here's a summary on the paper's website (translated):

I love you (from Tuesday to Friday)
By Anne Blume Futtrup (Jan. 11, 2009)

Love: Spend four days with a confident husband and three with a fiery lover, put three toothbrushes in the holder, and skip the bad conscience when Christmas dinner ends with a trip to somewhere else.

"Polyamory" is the form of partnership in which men and women have ongoing sexual love with more than one partner — and are honest about it.

An open relationship can work in many ways, but the point in common is that all in a poly relationship know what is going on between the others. In this way polyamory differs from ordinary adultery, where guilt and secrecy are usually part of the package.

The 1970s sexual revolution gave this lifestyle a boost. It is hard to determine how many people live in open relationships these days, but polyamory, which may also qualify as a sexual political movement, has won new popularity. And Danes are open to this lifestyle.

In today's edition of Jutland West Coast you can read more about polyamory, which should not be confused with "swinging".

P.S.: Two Danish resources:

Polydan; includes e-mail list.

Polyamory.dk (note the interesting version of the infinity-heart logo).


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