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August 9, 2009

Loving More magazine now online

The modern polyamory movement has had one publication all its own since the mists of history back in 1991. Before the internet took over, Loving More magazine was the central means of communicating, organizing, and spreading the word. But since 2003 turnovers in its ownership and management, as well as the great shift to online communications, left it in financial straits and with only intermittent publication.

Current director Robyn Trask and her partner Jesus V. Garcia have kept the Loving More organization going. They've changed it from a private business to a nonprofit educational organization, and most of all, they've continued and expanded its annual series of polyamory conferences and retreats (such as the one coming up September 11-13 in upstate New York).

Now they're got the magazine up and running again — as a digital publication. They've released the first online issue, number 39. It has the same turn-the-pages look and feel as a paper magazine, except it's on your screen and the pictures in it sometimes move and talk as in Harry Potter. Cool software they got.

Browse it here. You can view it without registering for a little while longer; after that you'll need to register for free as a "community member."

But honestly, they need you as a paid member too. Robyn and Jesus do this unpaid and have put too much of their own money into Loving More's projects when gaps have had to be covered. They've been an unseen force behind many of the educational and media successes we've had in recent years, and they've kept the conferences going through good times and bad. Show your support.

They're also looking for good writing for the next issue. Have something interesting to say?

They still plan to publish a paper issue of the magazine once a year, a "best of" collection from the online edition.


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website's down . ;-(

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