Polyamory in the News
. . . by Alan M.

October 19, 2009

Poly getting noticed in Poland


I just learned a word in Polish: wielomiłość. As the Polish news-and-culture site Onet.pl explains in a long article today, it's a synonym for poliamoria. The article presents the core concepts and describes practitioners in England and America, mostly copying material from the excellent story that appeared in Great Britain's The Independent on September 13th. The Polish article doesn't seem to contain any local reporting; Poland is still a pretty conservative society, as I understand it.

Here's some of the article via Google Language Tools:

One love is not enough

Love more than one child at the same time? Normal thing.

We can have [various] feelings about several people at the same time. Why then, do we not love more than one partner? Polyamory is a mystery, which only now begins to be spoken of, though the term has been officially in use for 20 years.

It's a sexual minority of people who agree to live in stable relationships, open enough that the other party has the right to enter into serious intimacy with someone else. It's not to be confused with polygamy. [But] more than one husband or more than one wife is an additional salary in the house, which is not irrelevant in times of crisis.

Poliamoriści believe that this is their time.[?] Partnerships are changing, traditional relationships survive the crisis, there is no sense of security. Seeking cure for loneliness and the fear of it being in a relationship, polyamory may seem a way out of the situation. For some. Carefully for several thousand people in Britain, where they have a website and celebrate Polyday in September. American poliamoriści celebrate in October with a picnic and "cuddle party" on New York's "Poly Pride Weekend."...

Read the whole original, or as mangled by machine into English.

Want to find out more? Google wielomiłość and view the results in either Polish or English.

Update: See the new Polish poly discussion forum Poliamoria, "the first Polish forum about polyamory." (Here it is translated into machine English by Google Translate.)


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Anonymous Tomek Kulesza said...

Well, i just noticed it today myself doing (bit late, but then, i don't frequent Onet)

There is no local reporting, as there is basically NO polycommunity in Poland, almost no one know the word itself, or the concept even. It seems that its slooowly beginning to change this year, with few signs exactly like this article.

And yes, Poland is terribly conservative (don't forget that its large enough for real diversity of opinions, though)

On a side note - it's either wielomiłość or poliamoria. Both sound rather strange at first for a Pole. I personally prefer the second.

And yeah, i'm Polish and polyamorus.

Tomek Kulesza

October 27, 2009 5:46 AM  

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