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October 1, 2009

TV update on a triad and their baby

TV-3 EntreLínies (Spain)

Remember the TV coverage of Juliette Siegfried and her partners Laurel and Roland, near Barcelona, when Laurel was pregnant? The three invited the TV program to come back and check on them after the kid was born. Well, the TV people did, and have aired their report (11 minutes, in Spanish and Catalan). There are now four in the family, and they're all adorable.

If someone tells you that TV can't possibly cover polys accurately and sympathetically, point them here.

From the accompanying article (translated):

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A year ago we met Roland, Juliette and Laurel, poliamorosos; which is to say, all three had a romantic relationship that was sexual and stable.... Now, 365 days after our first report, they have carried it to its ultimate expression of living together, because they are parents....

Maya was born in January by natural childbirth. Her biological mother, Laurel, explains that this way Juliette could fully participate in the event.... Now, Maya has a father and two mothers who share the common tasks of home, working at home, and care of the little one. At first, Roland explains, Juliette felt a little displaced because [Maya] was really the baby of Laurel, who was more required. Now that Maya has expanded her types of food, Juliette has been integrated better and feels more useful. Both mothers agreed that mothering increases their shared dedication to the girl.

...Regarding the legal issues in connection with the girl, because all three cannot be recorded as parents, they have ended up making a will saying that if anything happens to the biological mother, Juliette will assume the role of the legal mother....

Read the article (here's a rough machine translation by Google Language Tools), and watch the show (Sept 29, 2009).


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Blogger ktylove said...

Unfortunately that link was only good for a few days and seems to have moved on. At some point they will upload the video permanently (the previous report can be found here: : http://www.tv3.cat/videos/691799/Compartir-lamor. As soon as it's available I'll let people know.

October 02, 2009 9:59 AM  

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