Polyamory in the News
. . . by Alan M.

February 10, 2010

"5 Rules from the Polyamorous for Not Screwing Up Valentine's Day"


Details is a piggy men's fashion magazine with strong gay overtones. Its website offers Valentine's Day advice, and "because they clearly have relationship superpowers, we asked a few polyamorous people how they manage to please multiple partners."

By Liz Langley

1. Love Is a Battlefield; Prepare Like It's War

"Ever try to get four adults together on one night for a board game?" says a soldier — we'll call him B. — who is currently deployed in the Middle East. "Imagine how hard it is to coordinate everyone for a trip to Europe." Before B. returned to duty, his quad — two men and two women ranging in age from 18 to 26 — didn't like to "get busy" without everyone present. That means they're due for a memorable reunion. Your plans may not be as elaborate as theirs (they'll start in Amsterdam, then visit Frankfurt and Florence with side trips via ferry to Corsica and Sardinia, before ending up in Spain for a gay wedding), but not mapping out every detail could lead to couple armageddon....

Go ahead, read on.

Despite the snark, they seem kind of awed.



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