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February 2, 2010

An Israeli report on a Loving More retreat


One of Israel's main newspapers, Ma'ariv, sent its New York correspondent to the annual Loving More conference retreat in upstate New York last September. Only now did I find the article that resulted (thanks, Robyn and Jesus!). Here it is in the original Hebrew (Oct. 9, 2009). The following is adapted from a Google Language Tools machine translation:

It's Saturday, 7:15 in the morning. Jesus Garcia and Robin Trask have spent the summer night in their romantic wooden shack. Robin kisses Jesus, sliding her hand on his long hair before she goes to wake Ben in the next room. For close to half an hour she and Ben shut themselves there. But time has its own rhythm where clothes are optional, a distant bell heralds the meals, and for cell phone reception you have to drive 20 miles.

Robin and Ben curl up in bed. A long time passed since the last time they met. He lives in New York, she in Colorado. "I'm happy for her," says Jesus, 35, a computer professional of Mexican descent born in California. "I know that Ben makes her happy, and when she is happy, I am happy."

For three years Jesus and Robin have been together. They recently purchased land in Colorado and began to plan their new home. "Building the house will take several years," explains Garcia. Meanwhile, the window of the cottage overlooks a breathtaking view of the Hudson Valley, beyond sloping fields of crops: organic food being raised for the guests here at Easton Mountain Resort, three hours' drive north of Manhattan.

A few minutes later, in the main conference site, Robin and Ben are holding hands, exchanging kisses and demonstrable affection, cuddling like high-school students at the movies. Jesus comes to them from time to time, whispering something in Robin's ear. Through the morning you can see the three exchanging hugs and cuddling with each other, and to each other [photo].

For the dozens of visitors here — a place where "body, mind, heart and soul unite," as a sign heralds at the entrance — there is nothing unusual about such a romantic triangle being celebrated before their eyes....

Read the whole machine translation. The article profiles, carefully and accurately, many people who attended the Loving More gathering and what brought them there.

P.S.: Here's a Polyamory Israel blog, with other Israeli and Jewish links.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oy, that translation! ...and he was not even supposed to use my English first name.

February 05, 2010 2:25 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

> Oy, that translation!

That's machines for you. Would you like to do a human translation? Anyone else? If you post it somewhere, I'll link to it. Or just send it to me.

alan7388 (at) gmail (dot) com

February 08, 2010 10:48 AM  

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