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May 21, 2011

Poly House Party Weekend!

Off-topic maybe, but it's two weeks till Polyamory House Party Weekend June 3–5. This is a (so far) North-America-wide, do-it-yourself event created by folks at Modern Poly and Loving More to have fun, to "bring together polyamorous people and communities, to celebrate polyamory, and to support the movement for the acceptance of relationship choice."

It is poly-fi triads, kids of four-parent households, primaries and their play partners, the ethically non-monogamous, the incidentally monogamous, the polysaturated, the overly single, the doubly heartbroken, the label-resistant, the too-complex-to-explain, and our wonderful not-wired-that-way supportive allies.

It is barbecues, keggers, potlucks, raves, picnics, blues dances, play parties, tantric retreats, game nights, field days, movement fundraisers, cuddle parties, and fancy dinners.

It is raising awareness about our culture, our relationship preference, and the idea that freedom of relationship choice is important to society at large. It is a community bonding experience, our way — because everyone will do it a little differently.

You can go create a party or event of any description, large or small, and (after a moderator's approval) it will be listed for all to see on the website. Of course you'll also need to do your own local inviting/publicity.

It's suggested that the parties be voluntary fundraisers for Loving More and/or the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association, but that's not required.

I'm co-hosting a party in southern New Hampshire, in conjunction with Family Tree, the decades-old poly discussion/support/social group in my area. Go look!

Click and copy high-quality logo for your Facebook pageThe whole idea was born last fall at the Polyamory Leadership Network summit meeting in Seattle. The 31 people at the summit chose to focus the meeting's discussions on ideas around community building, fundraising, dealing with the media, and the Canadian poly-decriminalization effort now in court. In a brainstorm about things we could do, I think it was Mai Li who first yelled out, "House parties!" Thus was born the National Poly House Party Committee, consisting of (according to my minutes) Jessica, Mai Li, Amanda, David and Robyn Trask.

Now the website is done and working, publicity is cranking, the logo above is facebooking, parties are coming in, and all it needs is you!

Why is the committee doing this?

Aside from any other excuse to throw a party?

STRENGTH IN UNITY. Because the world needs to see the polyamory community come together in celebration — because alone, we are vulnerable, but together, we are strong.

ACCEPTANCE. Because building a strong, proud, happy, & ethical public presence makes it easier for more people to be out comfortably.

IDENTITY. Because showing the world our cultures, our diversity, and what makes us unique, shows them we are real and valuable, and not just a 'phase,' but how we live & love.

SUPPORT. Because we are already fighting for our rights, and that fight is just beginning.

What are the goals?

We want to see people hosting all kinds of events that weekend to celebrate polyamory, across the world!

We want to see polys globally to spend the weekend building and nurturing their communities, and raising awareness about our culture and relationship preference.

We would love to see the largest organizations working for our rights have some of the support they need, in dollars, resources and volunteers.

We hope to see polys across the world more connected to each other and the issues we are facing together in our fight for acceptance.

The plan is to make this a regular, growing thing that happens at least once a year. Now that the mechanics are all set up (after a late start) it'll be much easier to repeat and grow, with dates set far in advance. Already people are having ideas for a Skype network to connect simultaneous parties.

You've always wanted to see something like this happen — so come to an event, or create your own!




Blogger Anita Wagner Illig said...

There will be a Poly House Party cookout and hot tubbing going on at our house in Jessup, MD on June 4! People are coming from far and wide. It's going to be awesome! If you want to attend, see details at http://bit.ly/mAuiCD . If it's too far away for you, have your own PHP and support the cause. It doesn't have to be epic, getting together for coffee and passing the hat is just as welcome as an all out blowout.

May 25, 2011 8:34 AM  

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