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April 14, 2012

R. Crumb and Aline on their open marriage

New York Times

R. Crumb practically invented underground comix in the 1960s. Now he and his wife Aline (a real-life R. Crumb hippie chick) are living in France. They've always been as frank about their open marriage as everything else, as I've noted here before.

Yesterday a grand art museum in Paris opened a major exhibit on Crumb's life work. Bemused, he and Aline spoke at the museum's dinner and press conference, covered in today's New York Times. From the article:

...The Crumbs have always been open about their open marriage, in which they have allowed each other to pursue other intimate relationships. Asked how it has worked out, he replied, “It’s the only reason we’ve stayed together all these years.”

Ms. Crumb said: “It’s a mess, though! It’s just too time-consuming. One husband is a lot of work. And having another one is even more work.”

Mr. Crumb observed, “And also you have children and all that, oh boy.”

Ms. Crumb said: “You have grandchildren and chicken pox, and you’re off with that other person, and you feel guilty. It might or might not be worth it.”

Read the whole article (April 13, 2012; print edition April 14).


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Anonymous John U said...

The cartoon is a little like I am feeling now. And geezer poly is does take, perhaps, too much energy. I can't do any of the things I'd like to still do at the energy level I did them 20 years ago. Neither can Michael Jordan. So you do what you can do, but sometimes you over reach. Painful. But still better to have loved and lost.

One of my fantasies is to bring them to Seattle to talk about poly.

John U

April 14, 2012 6:52 PM  

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