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April 8, 2013

Pedestrian Polyamory: "LIVE from Atlanta Poly Weekend!"

I had a grand time at Atlanta Poly Weekend last month. This was APW's third year, and attendance topped 200. I got to give the closing keynote talk. And I met a whole lot of great new people. (Hi all!)

Among them was Shira B. Katz of the Pedestrian Polyamory and Life on the Swingset podcasts. On Saturday night she drew a lively crowd into a too-small meeting room to do an extra special episode of Pedestrian Polyamory. She set up her recording gear and called a bunch of us up to chat, then closed by turning over the floor to the poly-themed comedian Chris "CJ" Wells, an up-and-comer who hails from Carrboro, North Carolina, that enclave of good weirdness next to UNC.

Shira and her primary Gavin Katz have finally gotten the episode up. Listen or download here. This is Episode #45, "LIVE from Atlanta Poly Weekend" (April 5, 2013).

Shira B. Katz
The people she brings onstage are

● Wes of the Philadelphia quint who were featured on Lisa Ling's "Our America" TV show the previous week

● Puck, a genderqueer pansexual good person from Open Love NY

● Me (I come on at 23:45)

● Shaun of the Philadelphia quint, an atheist activist who heads up the Polyskeptic blog

● Horrible Ogre

● Gina and Jessie of the Philadalphia group; as you might guess, all five of them were stars of the convention after their stunning TV debut.

Chris "CJ" Wells
Then she brought on CJ Wells. He begins his act at 51:40. We were expecting some amateur standup from a con-goer — and soon found ourselves in the presence of a pro. It takes a lot to make me laugh, but by the end I was flowing right down out of my chair. Watch this guy, he's going places.

Wrote co-producer Gavin Katz (who was stuck back home in San Francisco), "Holy cow, berries! Such a great show!"

The whole episode is 1:18:27 long. Listen to it on your commutes.

The next morning, with a much smaller group of people who'd made it out of bed, Shira recorded a more subdued podcast on the Sunday-morning-like topic of impermanence — as in Buddhist non-attachment philosophy — in relation to relationships. After all, every deep relationships you will ever have will end, and very few of them by death doing you part. How good are you and your exes? Polyfolks tend to be a little different in this regard. The episode isn't up yet; watch for it. UPDATE JUNE 17th: They finally got it posted; listen here.

P.S.: Here's another attendee's take on APW; see his five entries for March 2013.

P.P.S.: For more poly conventions, gatherings, etc. scheduled for the coming year, see ALAN'S LIST of POLYAMORY EVENTS. Pass it on.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoo! Thanks for sharing this, Alan! I had been keeping an eye out for the podcast but that kind of fell by the wayside as the end of the semester brought its workload down on me.

May 13, 2013 1:15 PM  

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