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March 11, 2014

Yes, Laurell K. Hamilton is poly

Unlike many millions I've never read Laurell K. Hamilton's fantasy/horror novels, but people keep telling me they love her poly themes, while others say her portrayals of it are crappy. If you've wondered whether she's poly herself, the answer is yes, as she mentioned again a few days ago:

Ten things I’ve learned from Two Marriages and a Decade of being Polyamorous

1. Do not date drama llamas. Do not date people that are prone to drama, just don’t....

2. Remember that you aren’t perfect either....

3. Love means different things to different people. Do not assume that because your last girlfriend loved getting flowers, that your current girlfriend doesn’t see them as funeral flowers, and is trying to figure out a way to tell you, “Please, stop buying me dead plant matter.”

4. People have different hierarchies in love: I put great sex near the top of my list....

...9. If a woman asks a man, “What are you thinking?” and the man says, “Nothing.” Just believe him....

10. If you’re with a woman that changes her clothes a lot before going out, please, do not get angry about it.... Just budget enough time to let her try on a dozen outfits, before she’s ready to go out. You don’t have to understand why she does this....

Read the whole post (March 8, 2014).

She went into more detail last October, posting to Facebook:

I wished our girlfriend, yes Jon and I are date-dating her, a happy Goth Chick Appreciation Day, yesterday....

No, I'm not bisexual, if I was she wouldn't be the first girlfriend I'd ever had. Jon and I like the term Heteroflexible.

No, I've never tried to date as many people as [star character Anita Blake] dates. 5 was my max and it was too many to give emotional support and care, or time, to everyone.

Polyamorous means to love more, and yes it is a weird mix of Greek and Latin, but it has become widely accepted, so that's the term. Poly has only one real rule, everyone is supposed to know what everyone is doing, or who they're doing. No lying, no cheating, but just communication of epic proportions. If you're prone to jealousy, please do not attempt poly. If you want to sleep with other people, do not bully your spouse into being poly with you, if you aren't so much poly as just wanting to fuck-about. Please keep your cheating asses off our polyamory, and don't blame the fact you can't keep it in your pants on us. And no, we are not swingers, that's a different alternative lifestyle. What's swinging? Google it. You can google Polyamory, too, but don't believe everything you read. (That goes for anything you research on line.)

That got 9,524 likes and 1,478 comments.

Supposedly, a publicity pic posted by Hamilton's assistant to MySpace in 2007. (If you trust what someone said on the internet.)

Update Oct. 17, 2014: And now she announces on her blog that they've just formed a live-in quad:

Our foursome is complete and under one roof, Genevieve and Spike have moved in with us! We are forming a household together. One of the interesting things that’s been happening is that we aren’t getting to sleep until very late. Yes, sometimes it’s for fun and nefarious reasons, but more often it’s just that the conversation that started at dinner keeps going until late. We talk like people who don’t see each other often and have to catch up, but we’re doing it night after night. This is after celebrating four years of dating long distance....



Anonymous Micah S. said...

The pic is legit. I remember seeing it. It was posted for about a day before being taken down. That was long enough for it to get out.

March 11, 2014 4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She also did a Reddit AMA last summer where she explicitly came out:

March 11, 2014 7:16 PM  

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