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. . . by Alan M.

November 19, 2014

Poly publisher crowdfunds for three new books

Eve Rickert and Franklin Veaux set up Thorntree Press last year to publish their poly relationship manual More Than Two. With that successfully done (and 3,500 sold so far, counting physical and ebooks), they are now crowdfunding to publish three more poly books in 2015:

Game Changer, Franklin's own memoir,

Stories from the Polycule, Elisabeth Sheff's collection of polyfamily true stories (the deadline for submissions has been extended to January 15, and there's a bit of pay involved),

● An expanded second edition of The Husband Swap by Louisa Leontiades.

Franklin and Eve explain,

We want to publish great books -- without being assholes. That means we make our contracts as creator-friendly as possible. We don't take any rights we don't need to, and we only take those [we do] for a few years. Plus, by funding production costs up-front with crowdfunding, we're able to give much higher royalties than the bigger publishers -- as well as creating advance buzz for sales.

Donations get you lots of perks starting at the $15 level; that gets you all three books electronically when they come out. So you can consider it a bargain pre-purchase rather than a donation if you prefer. But I think this whole excellent enterprise is worth more to our community than $15 if you can afford it.

Here's their video pitch:


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