Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

April 15, 2015

Long TV report on polyfolks in Israel

A 42-minute report on polyamory recently appeared on Israel's mainstream Channel 10 TV. It's mostly in Hebrew. Ofek at tvuna.org tells us, "Brave families, even with children, went out of the closet in a fairly positive TV [report]. It emphasized that polyamory is the future and that people who choose this path want acceptance. The highlight of the show is the 12 year old daughter who tells the annoying interviewer that she is happy her parents found a way to be happy."


If javascript version above fails to display, watch here (March 10, 2015).

The show's blurb, via Google Translate:

The true face of open relationships

How would you feel if your wife tells you she was in love with another man? Would you accept that your husband slept the night with a lover? How do you live with several mates? And how do the children feel? A glimpse into the lives of families who decided to kick all normative conventions.

The comments on the show's Facebook page are brutal, according to a thread that got going on reddit/r/polyamory. Some commented that we're seeing the difference between secular, liberal Tel Aviv and conservative, religious Jerusalem.


P.S.: About his group tvuna.org, Ofek writes,

TVUNA means "raw wisdom" — we started by going out on [raw food] foraging trips for several days at a time — and re-discovered eden. Magic happens when a group of people willingly choose to take care of their economy in most simple and direct way — and collectively. From this we realized the need for a tribe, questioned ownership of land and food, and from this ownership in general — naturally progressed to a more tribal view of relationships and wider view of intimacy.


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