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May 28, 2015

Maria Bello's book *Whatever... Love Is Love*

Remember Maria Bello? The bi actress who had a piece in the New York Times in late 2013 about the success of her lesbian relationship while she and her husband are co-parenting their kid?

Now she has expanded her story into a book, Whatever...Love Is Love: Questioning the Labels We Give Ourselves. It's getting good attention. She was just interviewed about it on National Public Radio's Fresh Air. Excerpt:

When I decided to write the Times article it was before Thanksgiving of 2013 and it was after my son's dad's 50th birthday party. And [my partner] Clare and Jack and [my son's father] Dan were there; my parents had flown in from Philly; my brother was there; all of Dan's family. And I looked around this room and I thought, "There is so much love here and there are so many of my partners in this room, and that love is fluid and no matter how our relationships change, that love is always the same." So I was just proud of my modern family and I wanted to share that with the world....

On co-parenting with her son's father

It's so complicated for a family to shift around and the truth is, life is fluid, relationships are fluid, they are not static. As much as we want to hold onto an idea of what they're supposed to be, people grow and change and often in different directions, and then what do we do with that? Some people just throw out, throw out the love. Some people can make it work....

Read the rest of the summary (May 27, 2015).

Listen to the interview (16:27):

● Today she appeared on ABC-TV's The View (May 28).

● Video interview from GLAAD All Access (May 5) as featured on SheWired:

Forbes magazine covered a book party (May 1).

● At The Daily Beast: "I'm a Sexual 'Whatever' " (May 5).

● She's interviewed  in Canada's national daily paper The Globe & Mail (May 7).

● A friendly interview at the Salt Lake Magazine website, during her visit to a fundraiser in Salt Lake City (May 17).

● In Edge Boston: Out Actress Maria Bello on Being A "Whatever" (May 10).

Google up more recent appearances in the news (in reverse chronological order).


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind of surprised at the labeling you've used in this piece. She doesn't identify herself as "bi" nor does she call it a "lesbian" relationship. The whole point of the book is that labels are too restrictive and she thinks of herself as "whatever."

May 29, 2015 4:11 PM  

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