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May 28, 2015

Oakland's "Looks Like Love to Me" triad on German TV

"A few months back we were interviewed by two TV companies," writes Dani of the triad that's making the Looks Like Love To Me documentary "– one in the US (ABC Nightline) and one in Germany. They were about a week apart from each other, and finally one has launched. The German one!

"They were a really lovely crew and spent the day with us at our house and Lake Merritt. Always impressed with how editors must take a full day or two of filming and get it down to a few minutes – but they succeed! In this filming you can hear some of the English behind the German – but I have yet to find a subtitle option."

Watch it on the show's German webpage on RTV (May 28, 2015). If the video there (3:48) won't play, try it in another browser.

Their post about the show.

Their website. As I wrote about last week, they're making their own feature-length documentary to be released in the spring of 2016.


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