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October 21, 2015

Another civil union of three officially registered in Brazil

Remember the worldwide media furor when three people in Brazil registered as a partnership in 2012 under the country's civil union law?

Three women in Rio de Janeiro made the local news last week for doing the same. Very little worldwide attention this time. . . so far. I find just one report in English, on Gay Star News:

Brazil women legally enter three-person civil union

Three women have legally entered into a civil union in Brazil, local media reports.

The women – a businesswoman, 32, a dentist, 32, and an administrative manager, 34 – registered their relationship in Rio de Janeiro last week.

According to the Instituto Brasileiro de Direito de Família, this is the second formalized three-person civil union and the first three-person same-sex union.

The first was registered in Sao Paulo between a man and two women, and sparked controversy in the Catholic-majority country.

The woman, who wish to remain anonymous, live together in a three-bedroom apartment but all sleep in the same bed.

‘We are a family. Our union is the fruit of love,’ the entrepreneur told O Globo newspaper.

‘I will become pregnant, and we are preparing for this, including financially. Legalization is a way for our child and ourselves not to be abandoned. We want to enjoy the rights of all, such as maternity leave.’

Brazil legalized civil unions in 2004 and gay marriage in 2013.

The original (October 19, 2015).


The El Pais newspaper in Spain covers the story in more depth: The three Brazilian brides who are challenging the traditional family unit, English edition (Oct. 27).

In the New Zealand Herald,
Brazilians try a new twist on love triangle
(Nov. 1).

A longer version of that story in The Straits Times: 3 Brazilian women get hitched in polyamorous civil union - and will raise a baby (Oct. 31).

And in the Times of India: 'I do, I do, I do:' Brazilian female trio get hitched (Nov. 1).

Lots more no doubt.


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