Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

October 26, 2015

"What is Polyamory and Why Are People Switching to It?"


Sky News is a global TV news network founded by Rupert Murdoch and majority-owned by Fox. It's based in the U.K and has a huge global reach. As you'd expect, it has a conservative corporate agenda. But this morning its website presents a Poly 101 article that, despite wobbly English and a shaky grasp of some concepts, is very positive and mostly on-target.

The article has no byline; it's an OEM article built in India. Sky News picked it up from LovePanky.com, a branch of Confetti Media — a content-manufacturing company in Bangalore that sells to "distinguished publications and magazines and online portals" wanting "compelling content for success and branding operations."

With Sky News running the article, it's poised to go to tens of millions around the world. I see it's already popped up on a news site in Nigeria.


All this is another sign that, as modern polyamory expands beyond its origins, we will see it become less and less the purview of Western intellectual tech geeks, Burners, New Age folk, cultural creatives, and highly educated white professionals. The typical excited newcomer to polyamory is slowly changing — and so are the assumptions and needs that they bring.

The poly bandwagon is beginning to outrun its builders. Please help to keep good values steering it! So far, we've been pushing to keep it on track more successfully than I feared we'd be able to when I gave that speech seven years ago.

Excerpts from the story:

What is Polyamory and Why Are People Switching to It?

As far as relationship configurations go, polyamory is probably the most controversial. These days, however, it seems to be a rising trend....

What is polyamory?

Polyamory is defined as a consensual, romantic, and intimate relationship with multiple partners. The idea is open for some interpretation, considering it’s been around for centuries. Historically, it has been attributed to religious practices, but today it’s more in line with how people want to pursue their romantic interests....

How do people approach polyamory?

...For the more progressive individuals who don’t adhere to such customs, there’s still a huge discussion about how to approach the idea of having more than one partner.

...Remember, polyamory isn’t the same as hooking up or having several friends-with-benefits on call. In order for someone to be considered polyamorous, there has to be a serious, committed relationship in the works. Basically, you have to dive into it with the purpose of falling in love.

Are you ready to be polyamorous?

...You’re not just testing the waters, here. You’re actually involving your feelings and emotions in a pot that has gotten decidedly fuller since there are more than two people. You’re not just working to keep one relationship afloat anymore, but two or more.

...It seems like a dream, but it’s happening more and more in casual and non-cultural settings all over the world. Because of how people see relationships these days, it’s no surprise that keeping your options open is now the norm.... Polyamory changes things, because it allows you to be more expressive toward more people, without having to hurt them.

What happens in a polyamorous relationship?

To understand the concept better, this is what most people believe polyamory should look like—though these qualifications are not set in stone and each relationship differs, depending on an individual’s needs....

#1 You go on dates like normal people. It’s still a relationship, albeit with more than one person. You do the usual things that boyfriends and girlfriends do. Except this time, there are more people to entertain.

#2 You celebrate milestones together with all your partners....

#3 They can date whomever they want, as long as you agreed to it. [Sic]. Polyamory is a two-way street. If you can date more than one person, so can your partner or partners. If it’s something that you need to implement, then you better make sure it’s fair to your partners.

#4 Marriage is on the table, but not necessary....

#5 You’re in love with more than one person.... If you’re serious about polyamory, you’re basically aiming for a serious relationship with all of your partners.

#6 Your friends and family might not understand it yet....

#7 It’s a delicate situation that can unravel at any time....

#8 Getting pregnant is a complicated concept, if you’re a woman....

#9 Settling down means considering everyone’s needs for the long term. When you think of settling down, you envision a mortgage, a wedding, and a long-term commitment to a life with one person. But in this case, there’s more than one. You don’t necessarily have to choose just one, but you have to consider everyone’s needs and wants.

#10 A deep understanding of polyamory is mandatory. In order for things to go smoothly, you need to study up on how this works.... And the most important part? Just be honest and open with the people you love.

Polyamory is swiftly gaining adherents, as it allows room for romantic love between multiple partners. Using the 10 guidelines included here, you can evaluate whether polyamory is right for you—and how you can begin implementing it in your own romantic life.

Read the whole article (October 26, 2015).




Blogger Thomas Costick said...

I like #8, "Getting pregnant is a complicated concept, if you’re a woman....".

October 27, 2015 10:16 AM  

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