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December 31, 2015

Minx's Top 5 Poly Trends of 2015

The indefatigable Cunning Minx wraps up the year with her Polyamory Weekly podcast episode #460 (yes, four hundred and sixty), asking "How did the polyamory movement change in 2015?"

Here's her outline of the episode's main section, from its webpage:

Topic: Top five poly trends of 2015

  1. More nonfiction books gave us more poly voices to relate to.
  1. More poly news snuck into the mainstream, including being satirized in The Onion.
  1. Political pundits gave us air space in the wake of the same-sex marriage legalization announcement over the summer, and dissenting Supreme Court judges and political pundits wondered whether the polyamorists would want marriage rights next, which brought polyamory as a topic to the dinner table.
  1. The poly movement saw more diversification, including gay polyamorists, over-60 polyamorists and trans folks. Additionally, the issue of emotional abuse inside our community was brought to light, and relationship anarchy gained momentum.
  1. Poly Weekly kicked butt! OK, maybe this is only #1 for me, but LustyGuy and I spoke at more events than ever before; we exceeded 50,000 downloads a month; we launched an email newsletter, and we even made the Buzzfeed list of top 40 places to learn everything you never learned in sex ed class!

Go have a listen, and put something in the tip jar. She deserves it. Happy New Year.




Blogger Unknown said...

I got to meet her and LustyGuy at an event in Atlanta called InfinityCon and it was a wonderful talk. I have been Poly for about 6 years now and have a wonderful suport system of other poly people in my local area. It was exciting to be at the convention and meeting others and seeing their relationships and hearing about others in their processes.

February 16, 2016 5:19 AM  

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