Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

June 8, 2016

"Why 1 Man Decided to Take His Boyfriend's Wife on a Date"


Cosmo has always imagined that it's in the sexual avant-garde, and so have its readers, so it's nice to see it paying more attention of poly relationships. This story, just up, is your everyday happy tale of MMF bi triad formation:

Why 1 Man Decided to Take His Boyfriend's Wife on a Date

My polyamorous relationship only started feeling real the moment I asked her out.

The Getty stock image used by Cosmo. Although the story is about a different gender setup, of course the stock photo looks (to me at least) like one satisfied guy with two pairs of ladies' feet. Hey photographers — please send the stock agencies some less stereotyped poly-theme pix!

By Zachary Zane

Before I agreed to a first date with my current boyfriend, I knew he had a wife.... I also knew that he was polyamorous. As a bisexual man, I'd been open to different types of partners in the past, but this was new territory. Just six weeks before I met this guy, I had broken up with my girlfriend of a year. In this time, I had been playing the field, primarily with men. My ex and I were monogamous, so I was excited to have some casual flings.

But a fling is not what I got. One date led to two, and two to three more. Nearly six months later, we're somehow still going strong. Despite the fact that we both have other people in our lives who we're emotionally and physically involved with, we see each other about five days a week. When you love someone, you figure out how to make the time.

Still, time or not, navigating the dynamic with my boyfriend's wife was more complicated than I thought....


...So it was then, five months into our relationship, after dozens of "I love you"s, when I knew it was finally time to go on a date with my boyfriend's wife.

This man has two loves in his life. One, his wife whom he met in college and has been married to for eight, long years. The other, myself, a 24-year-old man who he met in the basement of a gay, leather bar and has been dating for five short months....

We both kissed our man good-bye and headed out alone to our dinner date....

..."You're the best thing that's happened to him since our marriage. I've never seen him this happy."

I took a deep breath and smiled. A big fat, stupid smile.

"I really like him," I replied.

"And he really likes you. I can't tell you how happy I am that you two met each other."

My fat smile was now morbidly obese....

Read on. (June 8, 2016). The author is an accomplished young writer on LGBT topics, especially B.



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