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June 9, 2016

*You Me Her* booked for two new seasons

The "polyromantic comedy" You Me Her has been renewed for two more seasons following the success this spring of its 10-episode first season, according to a press release today from Audience Network owner AT&T:

...Created and written by Executive Producer and showrunner John Scott Shepherd... the series was picked up for 10 new episodes each for seasons 2 and 3. It remains exclusive to AUDIENCE Network for DIRECTV and U-verse customers.

..."I appreciate AT&T's commitment to 'You Me Her,' ordering not just 1 but 2 more seasons," said Shepherd. "It benefits us creatively, in our storytelling, and allows us to maintain this spectacular family of cast and crew. Every day is a blast because we get to make something daring, funny and truthful, which bonds us with our viewers in a very cool conversation."

"Our viewers have opened their hearts and minds to embrace the unique relationship between Jack, Emma and Izzy," said Chris Long, senior vice president, Original Content and Production, AT&T. "AUDIENCE strives for compelling story lines and intriguing characters. And we believe in the potential for this show to grow even more as we continue our journey with eOne."

"'You Me Her' is a bold, provocative show that grabs your attention immediately," said John Morayniss, CEO, Entertainment One Television. "We're delighted AT&T has signed on for another 2 more seasons which speaks to the strength of these dynamic characters and storytelling. We're looking forward to seeing how this complicated, polyamorous relationship that John Scott Shepherd has brilliantly created will continue to unfold."...

About the show

"You Me Her," television's first "polyamorous romantic comedy," infuses the grounded and relatable sensibilities of an indie romantic comedy with a distinctive twist.

What begins as an impulsive "date" between suburban husband Jack (Poehler) and neophyte escort Izzy (Faia) spins into a whirlwind 3-way affair including Jack's wife Emma (Blanchard), who's been keeping secrets of her own.

Their arrangement soon breaks free of its financial bonds to evolve into a meaningful romance with real consequences, posing the question to viewers: What if your best, truest life looked nothing like you imagined? Would you be brave enough to live it?

The full press release (June 9, 2016). No word on the timetable.

Here's more about the series, with lots of links. Here are all my posts about it (including this one; scroll down). The show's Facebook page.

Writer/director Shepherd has talked about trying to get things right to the poly community's satisfaction. I take that as an invitation for you to send him your comments and suggestions. The address I found was his official postal one: John Scott Shepherd, c/o Paradigm Talent Agency, 360 North Crescent Dr. North Bldg., Beverly Hills, CA 90210-2500.




Blogger Tyler Moore said...

ANy word on how to watch this as a cable cutter without resorting to the "arr-arrr, mateys!" solution?

July 05, 2016 6:06 PM  

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