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. . . by Alan M.

August 11, 2016

Report from the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

A close ally of the poly movement is the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, named for the 19th-century free-love activist Victoria Woodhull. It's directed by Ricci Levy, who has spoken at many poly conferences. The Foundation's Family Matters project is especially poly-relevant; it's intended "to secure full rights, respect and recognition for all families by eliminating discrimination based on family structure."

Every August, Woodhull puts on a Sexual Freedom Summit in the Washington DC area for activists and researchers. This year's took place last weekend. I wanted to go and report on it, but couldn't. However, Billy Holder of Atlanta Poly Weekend fame was there, and he has just put up a report of his own. Here it is:

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit Recap (August 11, 2016).


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