Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

November 23, 2016

A poly movement stirs in Japan

"Complex intertwined love relationship"

Do any readers know if polyamory is actually becoming a thing in Japan? This long article, at nihonzine.com, suggests it is, at least a little. The writer profiles a quad of two couples and reports on a poly meetup at a "Books & Bar."

Modern egalitarian polyamory, "with the knowledge and agreement of everyone involved," has taken root mostly in Western societies. I'd be very interested to know if it's gaining traction elsewhere.

Google Translate does a poor job of Japanese to English. But open the link above in Chrome, then at its top right click the little Translate icon (two tiny black-and-white pages). Below are excerpts of what you get, touched up a bit. Can a Japanese speaker give a clearer picture, and maybe links to additional coverage and resources?

Whether the pure love of the sexual minority holds that polyamory practitioners of testimony – more love?

By Fujii Atsushitoshi (July 14, 2016)

More-than-one-person sexual love that is different from affair and cheating

"I, in addition to the wife, am currently in a relationship with her three."

While surrounded by three women, the men in front of my eyes began to speak quietly. They are inclined still ear. That said, there is no such heaviness in this place. Because love everyone of him, because it is accepted.

..."Polyamory ( ポリアモリー ). You know the word?"

Greek plural (poly) a combination of the Latin word of love "amor", a coined word that has been made in the United States. In short, we love more than one person at the same time, connecting also a sexual relationship.

In this manner chastity idea is low; it may seem like just playboy. But when you look, it has a different meaning. As a new love style, cheating and infidelity? In fact, how different from either.

Given in the common sense, there is suddenly unbelievable part is also honest. I went to listen to the details of the story.


[He] had come to pick me up at the nearest station. Mr. Fumizuki works as an editor at the publishing company (Fuzukiren). 32 years old. Good young man of intellectual impression. Apartment the couple live, it was the place where I walked for about 15 minutes. Floor plan is 2LDK, is guided to the living room of about six tatami mats.

Bookshelf, which accounts majestically the corner of the room. Practitioners Mr. lined many pictorial books and technical books, who was involved as an editor. Such as the large number of paperback books and comics were also appointed clean.

In addition to Asumi's wife (32 years old) Neri's lover two people. 4 people to build a square relationship rather than triangular relationship as polyamory told me gathered. Practitioners's lover, even, who works as a zookeeper (21 years old). Working at hotel accounting (23 years old).

Four of relationship is very good. Impression that each other recognized each other.

To the original husband and wife who live in this apartment, occasionally woman have also come to stay. In addition, previously had been another woman living together. It looks like summarized in the current relationship diagram [see top of this page].

Asumi's answered so with a smile without any hesitation. ..."At that time, in a magazine article that I found by chance polyamory know the word.

"LGBT Toka, featured in the form of various love. One that appeared among them is polyamory. If you are self-proclaimed, I was surprised and I'm Some People."

But had much is in the mood, and then when I was after a while of the month. Practitioners Ms. suddenly remember the word polyamory.

When "try and search for somehow net Poly lounge, discover the event. Because it was free time on the day, I readily accepted I went suddenly. Is variously heard, so if he is or was a polyamory satisfied that. So at a later date, it was reported to Asumi-chan."

In this way new life as polyamory couple began. Went to Poly lounge, among to meet people with troubles like many similar Neri's not only Asumi's wife, I had to also deal with more than one lover.

...Although they accepted the idea, anxious. For example, how will you do when you go to bed at home? Her answer, Kei-san said:

"I go to bed with everyone, become the character of the river. Asumi's wife is doing the care, sometimes they will not use the futon in the only practitioners Mr. and two." (Kei)

Mr. Asumi told that there is no particularly dissatisfied appearance. If Omoiyare that of each other, it just does say that it is natural behavior.

"You are well misunderstanding, but 4 people collectively are not one-to-one relationship.... If good all that, and even more in the Sex of Speaking, I Ariel not may, automatically never mean it so."


Meeting called to get outside the home are doing on a regular basis, "practitioners' Books & Bar". The knowledge of the participants "do not deny that the people." Lined with wording such as "be all right to silence."

There is also a hesitation and anxiety.

Do you tell that it is polyamory to someone other than the polyamorous? In the current Japan, including such common sense and prejudice to that live against the society, Neri says. Not amusing even if not have a fear of something in the future. Is even san while considered now is should I Tanoshikere, remembered the touch of uncertainty.

"Although I am in this state because it is happy fun now, when it's time that must be someday tell the family, would get lost what to do say ......"

..."To tell the truth, we are subtle even with parents. After that to understand for people who do not try to understand is really difficult." ...

Uncertain future is anyone anxiety. During the interview, I noticed that the calculations and even san is holding hands gently. The midst of looking for happiness of the way.

Watch to the eye, time is near 22 o'clock. The interview was over in about three hours. Kaerigiwa, Mr. Neri left me a message like this:

"We do not necessarily deny monogamy (who love the only one); you do not even going to quibble with your philosophy of love. Much less recommend that many become polyamory. Trial and error in the midst of looking for happiness of the way all the while. These people also hope for the day they get accepted, and are in the world."

I also ran into this: Tokyo Polyamory.


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Blogger Alice Teague said...

I believe the text in the red circles means "girlfriend". It looks like the husband of the married couple is in a triad with two other women, one of whom has other lovers as well (the balloon over her circle seems to say so). It states everybody's name in small text in the circles. I don't understand the labels of the blue and pink circle, they may mean husband and wife, based on the fact that the red ones mean "girlfriend".

November 24, 2016 5:23 PM  

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