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. . . by Alan M.

January 31, 2017

Openly poly candidate runs for Minneapolis City Council

Justin C. Adams

At the Women's March on Washington, Michael Moore reeled off a list of things for progressives and resistance fighters to do in the coming times. He declared, "The next thing that you have to do, is run for office! Yes! You!" He meant local office in particular, where barriers to entry are often low, and where you can develop as part of a farm team for bigger leagues.

Justin C. Adams, 37, was already on the case. A longtime reader of Polyamory in the News, he has announced as a progressive Democrat-Farmer-Labor candidate for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3.

On his campaign homepage we read,

Perspective – I am polyamorous, queer and agnostic. I have student debt, my family survived foreclosure, and we have benefited a lot from public programs. I’m a white man, and it’s true that I enjoy privilege – I’m seldom harassed by police and I have a good job helping people. I also have shared experiences with many of this city’s marginalized communities, and a solid record of advocacy and action. I would add to the diversity of perspective represented on the Minneapolis City Council.


Values – Local government is the best way progressives can achieve economic and social justice goals, like a livable wage, stronger worker protections, and community-based criminal justice reform. I reject the idea that the already powerful know what is best for regular people. Together, we can build a city to be proud of.

Elsewhere on his site:

Justin appeared on the ballot in North Minneapolis as a far-left independent candidate for state representative in 2006. He sought [Democrat-Farmer-Labor] endorsement for the same seat in 2010.

Since rejoining the party in 2008, he’s regularly served as a low-level party officer, delegate or alternate, member of convention committees, and as a valued participant in various DFL candidate’s campaigns. Working as a non-partisan election official required Justin to keep his political engagement to a minimum but he does currently serve as an assistant precinct chair.

Justin has received candidate and campaign manager training from Wellstone Action! and is humbled and grateful to count dozens of elected officials and government professionals among his friends.

He is currently one of five candidates running for the seat. Elsewhere on his campaign site he writes,

Twelve years ago, he and his wife went to Canada to be married in protest of marriage inequality. They are parents to a Pillsbury Elementary student. The candidate is queer and polyamorous, and he has a romantic partner of 8 years that also lives in Northeast.

I went to his fledgling donation page and chipped in.

Minneapolis Ward 3 is a youthful, progressive district. Adams' rivals for the seat so far are other DFL candidates, a Green, and a Socialist Alternative.

Update Feb. 9: Adams is speaking at the 6th International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy in Berkeley this weekend, about himself and his candidacy. From his prepared remarks:

...If I am elected, I will become the first openly polyamorous elected official in the United States.

...I will share with you some information about my background in polyamory and in politics, about my city and the office I’m seeking, and about what I think it would mean to be elected the first openly polyamorous public official in the United States.




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