Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

February 3, 2017

In a fascist-tilting country, plucky polys pop up

Hungary, like Poland and perhaps the United States, has tilted toward Putin-style authoritarianism. ("Putin Swaggers Into Hungary as Europe Wonders About U.S.," reads a New York Times online headline today.) But that hasn't scared some relationship radicals into silence. "The first Hungarian poly website is here!" writes Nikó Truffelish, a Hungarian-born poly activist now living in Australia;

It looks very well put together! Brought to you by the Hungarian polyamory community, featuring articles, blog posts, historical examples, events, dating, community links, book/film reviews and much more.

Well done and congrats!

Or as she puts it in Magyar,

Jaj de jó! Megvan az első magyar poliamoria témájú internetes oldal! És milyen jó. Sok-sok tartalommal. Nézzetek meg. Gratulálok hozzá!

Ajánlom minden magyar ismerősömnek akit érdekel az etikus többszerelműség!!

The site: Poliamoria Magyarország.

Nikó checked with them and they said they're not afraid to have an American website calling attention to them. Remember the signs from the Women's March: "Your silence will not protect you."

P.S.: That lumping-together of Hungary, Poland, and America was not facetious. Essential reading for Americans: Surviving authoritarianism: Polish advice for the US.




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