Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

April 9, 2017

Polyamory en Español. And, help me gather the best poly sites and media lists in other languages!

"Poliamor," by Sonia R. Arjonilla

Alba C. in Bogotá, Colombia, who runs the Poliamor Bogotá Facebook page, points out that the "Español" tag on my site is woefully out of date! It's true — I stopped trying to keep up with polyamory in foreign-language media years ago, because it was just ballooning too fast.

Alba writes,

I publish articles in Spanish on all topics poly, researched from a variety of sources. I have also created a website for the purpose of categorising articles and translations: Poliamor Bogotá Website.

There are plenty of resources nowadays in Spanish, although not as many as in English. Some of my main sources are listed under the tab "Aliades" (meaning "Allies").

I am letting you know all of this since I noticed that your otherwise wonderful blog has the section in Spanish somewhat outdated. You might be interested in letting your readers know where they can find more information in Spanish.

And now two questions for you, dear readers:

What are the best poly sites in any given non-English language?

And, where are the lists of poly-in-the-media in those languages? I know people are keeping them — sometimes as an "articles" page on a general-purpose national poly site.

I would love to post and maintain a permanent meta-list of poly-in-the-media lists in Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Hindi, German, Swedish, Tagalog, and whatever. If this project takes off, it could be a great global resource and help poly activists communicate across cultures (yay Google Translate).

Help me out here. Email me at alan7388@gmail.com with any you know.


Alan M.


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