Polyamory in the News!
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June 30, 2017

"12 People Explain How Their Polyamorous Relationships Started"


With lots of mediocre poly-in-the-media showing up these days as clickbait sites discover the topic's potential, this collection of genuine stories from real people deserves your time and linking. Bustle ("for & by women who are moving forward as fast as you are") gathered them from an old AskReddit thread.

12 People Explain How Their Polyamorous Relationships Started

Ashley Batz / Bustle

By Lea Rose Emery

A lot of people are curious as to how polyamorous relationships work — how do they get started? What are the practical considerations? And, the question that always comes up, how do you deal with jealousy?

...You can see why people are curious about poly relationships if they've never been in one. Luckily, Reddit users in polyamorous relationships came forward to share their experiences in an AskReddit thread. And it was a really interesting range. Because while some people made a very conscious decision to be in a polyamorous relationships, for others it was something that they fell into and worked as they went along.

It's important to not put all poly relationships in the same category. Poly relationships vary — just like all relationships do. But it can be interesting and helpful to get some insight into how people transition into polyamory.

The stories themselves are presented as screenshots from the thread. Here are the titles:

1. Seven Years Ago. Sometimes it's just really natural.

2. Complicated, But Worth It. Different things work for different people.

3. Six Years Strong. It's amazing how easy the chemistry can be just from the get go — and that sounds like an incredible king sized bed.

4. The Unexpected Relationship. Sometimes you just don't see it coming.

5. He Did It for the Girl
... And sometimes that works.

6. Which Relationship? Often it starts as one thing and evolves into another.

7. That Realization.
Seeing someone else do it can help it all click into place.

8. A Total Family. I love that even in a happy family the 'terrible sleep partners' thing is still an issue. Sleep is important, people.

9. That Connection from the Beginning.
BFFs turned into something more... it sounds like something out of a rom-com.

10. Dealing With Jealousy Through Communication.
Communication solves everything.

11. Practical Considerations. Sometimes timing really matters.

12. Separate Houses With Sleepovers.
Having your own houses and sleepovers? That sounds like the dream.


Polyamory can come across in so many different ways. Sometimes you know that's what you want, sometimes you stumble upon it, and sometimes you evolve into it. In any case, it makes a lot of happy relationships.

Read the collection (June 30, 2017).

Bustle has been publishing many poly articles, nearly all of them good.


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