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September 6, 2017

When "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women" hits theaters, will the poly world be ready?

Annapurna Pictures has put up another clip: showing our triad when a boyishly excited William reveals to Elizabeth and Olive his brainstorm of a Wonder Woman and her crazy, improbable world. Says Elizabeth, “Bill, we love you truly so much, but... nobody will ever publish this.”

The clip is getting a lot of press. For instance, in Entertainment Weekly: Professor Marston & the Wonder Women clip revisits Wonder Woman’s origins (Sept. 6, 2017).

...As he explains in the clip, Wonder Woman would offer William a chance to share his radical ideas about feminism, bondage, and pacifism with the world.

“I’m going to inject my ideas right into the thumping heart of America,” says William....

But, this is the 1940s. So, the idea of a super-heroine who hails from an island populated with only women, flies an invisible plane, fights Nazis, and whose helpers are sorority sisters who have spanking parties was a weird one to say the least, and Elizabeth tells William as much....

...“It’s fundamentally a love story between the three of them,” [writer-director Angela] Robinson told EW in August. “It’s an exploration of their ideas and his relationship with Elizabeth and Olive, and their relationship with him, and then how all of that found its way into Wonder Woman.”

This is turning into a Big Deal. The clip above has had 243,000 views since it went up 13 hours ago, and the longer official trailer has had 4.9 million. The movie centers on the trio's polyamorous love story and their mission to change the world. This is going to be the first seriously poly-oriented movie to hit mainstream audiences, with the definition of "poly" being ours. It will open in AMC theaters on October 13th. There will be attention.

Folks, let's get ready for this.

For instance, I have in mind to get a bunch of us (I'm just back from PolyCamp Northeast) to go for a group viewing on opening day, and we can ask the Boston Globe if they want to send an entertainment reporter along with us to get real polyfolks' reactions.

Think of the possibilities.

All posts here about the movie (including this one; scroll down).


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Blogger Eric Cote said...

I reached out to the "movie" on social media and they finally handed me the email of someone at Sony Pictures. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

Eric from Montreal, Canada

September 11, 2017 3:04 PM  

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