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October 1, 2017

Local poly-positive podcasters get newspaper's rave review

Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Anyone with time and enthusiasm can start a podcast about anything. Could you become a star? In the poly world the mind jumps to Cunning Minx of Polyamory Weekly and Dedeker Winston, Jase Lindgren and Emily Matlack of Multiamory. Please add your own faves in the comments!

But you don't have to try for global, you can be local. In Halifax, Nova Scotia, poly homestars Bryde MacLean and Jeremie Saunders have built a following for their sex-ed podcast Turn Me On. They just got a great writeup in the city newspaper:

Turn Me On: popular podcast focuses on what it means to be a sexual being in the modern world

Bryde MacLean and Jeremie Saunders do one of their Turn Me On podcasts before a live audience. (Carolina Andrade / Chronicle-Herald)

Bryde MacLean and Jeremie Saunders do one of their Turn Me On podcasts in front of a live audience.

By Maria Rizzetto

“Who, as a millennial, can say they had an adequate sexual education growing up?” questions a fresh-faced Bryde MacLean while drinking a coffee in her backyard. “What emotions surrounded conversations about sex that you can remember?”

...I guess there is no denying what most of us clearly grew up lacking.

“We are just trying to normalize conversations surrounding sex,” chimes in Jeremie Saunders.

...Their newest adventure as a couple is Turn Me On, a podcast that focuses on what it means to be a sexual being in the modern world.

Polyamorous marriage

...However, a lot of listeners say they tune in to hear MacLean and Saunders discuss their polyamorous marriage.

The couple says a combination of marrying young, Saunders’ cystic fibrosis diagnosis, and a lot of communication and experimentation all played a part in leading them to their current lifestyle.

“If there was any part of my psychology that was waiting to do things after my life with Jeremie is over there would have been something terribly wrong with that,” says MacLean.

The couple stresses it was not something that just happened overnight and it takes a lot of work, honesty and communication because things are always continuously changing.

...“We talked about this for five years off and on, before our marriage. We had done so much ground work to get used to wrapping our heads around this idea,” says MacLean. “It was gradual and continuously adjusting.”

...The open discussion about the lifestyle and sex in general has gotten Halifax buzzing.

...I was met with numerous squeals of excitement while fishing around for Turn Me On feedback. Apparently, all Halifax needed was a podcast talking about people getting their feet jizzed on, enjoying being called daddy, or waxing their butts to spark some interesting and educational conversation. ...

...On the listener side of things, it seems most issues arise when one part of a couple tunes in and another doesn’t.

Read the whole article (September 20, 2017). And, once again, here's how to start.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK I'll start. Loving Without Boundaries podcast by Kitty Chambliss:

October 02, 2017 12:06 AM  
Anonymous Chem Cat said...

"Poly Wanna Podcast" https://player.fm/series/poly-wanna-podcast

October 02, 2017 9:53 PM  

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