Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

January 1, 2018

"Pasta, parkas, polyamory: The new you in 2018"

Loving More's bold and optimistic New Year's greeting

Still we ride a wave of trendiness. When will it end? The Times in the UK this morning ranks poly in its list if four "Things that will be OK in 2018 that weren’t (necessarily) in 2017" — along with man buns, unisex loos, and anti-ageism:

Today is the day when we take stock, think about what we could have done better and what we’re determined to do differently. We’re not talking about resolutions so much as the do’s and don’ts of 2018, based on what we’ve learnt in the past 12 months.

Things that will be OK in 2018 that weren’t (necessarily) in 2017:

... ● Being polyamorous. This has been a thing for a while, apparently, but now it’s slowly edged into the normal — if you don’t mind getting screwed up and having anyone over 55 think you are deviant. Still not normal to have a doll for a girlfriend, by the way.

The whole article. (January 1, 2018. Registration wall.)

Forget the snark; the familiarization and normalization here are what matter. We're going from freaky weirdos to those cool, expert ninjas at earnest, ethical group-relationshipping. Now there's an image to resolve to live up to! Happy New Year.


Meanwhile In Style magazine, which is all about what women should wear and buy in order to conform for pete's sake, notes at year's end that "The topic of polyamory experienced a 130% increase in search frequency this year."


P. S.:  In 2017, Moose and I were proudly part of the Resistance. May 2018 be the year of The Resurgence! We're only two 300-millionths of America, but we're doing our bit with pride at what we can someday tell our grandkids. And, with a readiness for risks: "Life rewards people who move in the direction of greatest courage." One of my favorite Franklin Veaux quotes.

One of our goals for 2018: Seize back the American Flag as our symbol at every demonstration and Resurgence event.




Blogger Aibhne Paton said...

It's kind of difficult to ignore the snark when The Times have been publishing transphobic rhetoric all year and started a hate campaign against a trans activist.

January 04, 2018 4:14 AM  

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