Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

November 6, 2006

"Wife defends husband's relationship with murder victim"

The Scotsman

A poly family in Scotland decides to come out following a terrible tragedy.

A women whose businessman husband had a love affair with Angelika Kluk, the Polish student murdered in Glasgow in September, has spoken for the first time about how she supported the relationship.

Anne Macaskill, 35, revealed that she and her husband Martin, 42, practised "polyamory", which advocates multiple relationships.

She said Miss Kluk also accepted the situation and was planning to spend Christmas holidays at the couple's Renfrewshire home after returning to Poland to resume her studies.

The couple keep a picture of Miss Kluk — or "Angela" as they knew her — in their living room.

The student's mutilated body was found stashed beneath the floorboards of a Catholic church where she was working in September. Peter Tobin, a loner and odd-job man, has been charged with the murder.

"My husband and I have an unusually honest relationship," Mrs Macaskill said. "Angela was not my rival or my competitor. What the three of us had was all about love. It was not sleazy. It was not about casual sex."

Mrs Macaskill said she had not planned on having an open relationship with her husband and that when he confessed to the affair she was initially reluctant to accept it.

"But then I started thinking about it and searching on the web and I found there was a term, 'polyamory', that described the situation perfectly," she said.

"I realised I had no right to tell my husband what to feel. Love was what he felt for Angela — and for me as well. Love is not a finite emotion."

Read the whole article (The Scotsman, Nov. 6, 2006). Also, the reader comments at the end could really use some poly input.

Update May 4, 2007: The church handyman was just found guilty after a trial that held the attention of Scotland for weeks. Extensive coverage.



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