Polyamory in the News!
. . . by Alan M.

April 30, 2008

Poly and the Bible

Jackson (Tennessee) Sun

Deep in the Bible Belt, a founder of Focus On Christ Ministries gives a reasonably correct description of polyamory in her newspaper column, while denouncing it as "depravity and immorality.... A polyamorist lifestyle defiles and destroys your wedding vows."

Marriage is beautiful in God's sight and was created for one man and one woman. The very first marriage occurred in the book of Genesis with Adam and Eve only; not Adam, his buddy Fred and Eve with her best friend Wilma.

Read the whole article, "Marriage Should Be Kept Sacred" (April 30, 2008).

In reply (don't you just love that the internet allows comments?), MikeRios graciously stepped in to show our flag. Michael is one of our most thoughtful and experienced advocates for alternative new-culture community, and in his youth he went through rigorous training to be a Christian scholar. He replied:

I appreciate that, despite Delita's personal feelings, she described polyamory reasonably accurately.

I was raised Christian, and it was because of my extensive Bible study that I became polyamorous. In the Old Testament, many key figures had multiple wives with God's blessing; Solomon had 300! God commanded Abraham to take a second wife.

In the New Testament, Jesus never mentions monogamy, even though polygamy was then a common practice among the Jews. Jesus taught about Love, and made no separate reference to "married love." He taught about loving everyone, even sinners and foreigners.

Paul's only comment about monogamy is that a bishop should have only one wife — because he wouldn't have enough time with two or more. Polygamy was a part of common Christian practice for hundreds of years, before the civil authorities outlawed it.

I know many married couples of all types; the most stable marriages I know are polyamorous.

Chime in with thoughts of your own. I recommend that you be respectful and considerate; that's not what they expect of devil-driven people.

P.S.: Here's a good article for those engaged in the conversation between religion and sexual behavior: "Sex and the Liberal Christian" in American Sexuality magazine (July 2007), published by the National Sexuality Resource Center.

And here's an old but interesting article on the "liberated Christians" subculture in the swinging community: "Onward Christian Swingers" (1995).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank god you wrote this. my wife is very biblical in her beliefs and is rejecting any of my interest in polyamory. we have a long road ahead of us (unless she takes an exit ramp), but at least it's nice to know someone else has come to a similar understanding as me.

March 12, 2012 1:50 PM  

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