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May 16, 2008

Sex Geek dazzled by full poly triad

Capital Xtra

Andrea Zanin, Canada's self-described Sex Geek and a prominent queer writer and activist, has landed in an equilateral triad and enthuses about it in the cover story of this week's Capital Xtra, the gay/queer paper of staid old Ottawa:

I moved in with my partner in Toronto, but at Unholy Harvest I hooked up with somebody else. That has become a rather serious relationship as well. Then just recently my two partners become lovers. Now we're a triad; it's beautiful and rewarding and — wow. It's taking lots of communication because it's challenging in how to manage it. But that communication is deepening the relationships.

See the whole article (May 14, 2008. The ads may be Not Safe For Work).

And that cover photo? "It was quite a last-minute rush to recruit all the owners of the hands that appear in it," Zanin writes in her Sex Geek blog, "but we all had tons of fun contorting ourselves in my living room to show the hands without the people. Good times!"

Zanin presents popular workshops on non-monogamy. See her Ten Realistic Rules for Good Non-Monogamous Relationships.

Also in the same issue of Capital Xtra: Can We Get Rid of Canada's Polygamy Laws?

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Blogger Alan said...

A note on word use:

"Triad" is often used to mean there's sex happening on all three sides, as opposed to a "vee" with sex on two sides. But I know people in sexual vees who are close all around in other ways — living together, raising children together, or just intimate friends — and would really bristle at not being considered a triad.

So for definitional purposes, I say it's the closeness that counts, not the genital stuff. It's not all about the sex.

When I do want to mean explicitly that there's sex all around, I use "full triad" or "equilateral triad."

— Alan

May 16, 2008 3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was one of those people in a triad where the sex was really a vee, and we all insisted on calling ourselves a triad anyway. No one really questioned it, especially since the two of us *not* having sex bought a house together and let our shared partner rent a room from us :-)

In my Poly Configuration pages (http://www.theinnbetween.net/polyconfig.html) I recommend to poly newbies that one should never make any assumptions about who is having sex with whom no matter what term that group uses to call themselves.

May 16, 2008 5:31 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

This is a good short story. I had few relationships with geeks. Girls got their reason, mine, I've got 7 Reasons On Why You Should Date A Geek. On your situation just be carefull and be safe..

May 21, 2010 12:15 PM  

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